Meet The Team!


Meet The Team!

Who we are: 
PRVM Performing Arts Academy was founded in 2001 by Shelly-Ann Aqui as Pinnacle of Rubies Vocal Ministry (PRVM) focuses on empowering individuals through music helping them to sing with impact and effectiveness.  We love arts and we love people.  Our entire team is committed to meeting the needs of people who love the arts as much as we do! 
What we do: 
We’re all about developing the person behind the voice! We believe in equipping our students to effectively communicate an impacting message with confidence and the uniqueness of their personal style. This takes form in our holistic approach to coaching; our systematic Building Block program which covers the fundamental techniques for vocal production and our deep diving personal, spiritual and emotional development.
Every singer has an audience that is especially theirs, the persons who connect to a unique experience, a story that only that singer can tell. Our goal is to equip each singer to use that story, to create powerful experiences and memorable moments for their audience. 

We welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the industry. A combination of workshops is included in the vocal training program to help improve Spiritual and Personal growth, Interpersonal skills, Ability to function in Team/Group settings. 

PRVM's mission is to empower individuals through the medium of Music, helping them to sing with impact and effectiveness. Additionally, our intent is to develop the whole person, therefore, sitting at the nucleus of our approach are methodologies crafted to catalyze a more intimate relationship with God; improved self understanding, enhanced interpersonal skills and augmented emotional intelligence.

Our vision for the future of this ministry is to be the premiere providers of vocal production training producing excellence. We see this ministry becoming a haven where individuals will enhance their confidence, heal hurts, be better able to function in Team/Group settings and be more of their authentic selves.