"I’ve loved singing from ever since I’ve known myself."

These are the words of 20 year old Tisha Gittens. 
Tisha began her pursuit of arts by entering singing competitions in both primary and secondary school. At St. Joseph’s Convent she was the lead singer of the school band during the 7 years she spent there. She was also a member of the parang group. 

At the age of twelve, she started vocal training at Pinnacle of Rubies Vocal Ministry, gaining stage experience and building confidence along the way. Shortly after, Tisha was awarded the title of Best Vocalist 2006 at PRVM. In 2007 she received the award for most outstanding performance in music and the Jiselle Warner Award for Music in 2008 at her alma mater, St. Joseph Convent. 

Continuing to pursue her dreams, Tisha entered the 2013 Digicel Rising Stars competition, successfully making it to the final and placing second. 
She has since been accepted to the Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts on a Partial scholarship with voice as the main instrument and guitar as the secondary. 

Tisha now seeks to continue to pursue musical excellence and use her talents to bring glory to the Kingdom of God.