It's a beautiful day for gratitude & reflection! 


I'm stopping by to thank everyone who supported the Savvy Singers Magazine Launch.

 I truly appreciate your love and support!  I've been reflecting on the journey of creating the Savvy Singers' Magazine and journalling my observations and learnings.

While the motivation to create the magazine was to showcase some of the successes within the PRVM Community, I also wanted to empower new & upcoming vocal artistes as well. The process, while exciting and informative definitely wasn't a smooth one with straight lines!

" Don’t allow fear to hinder you from pursuing
your dreams. "

There were days of happy dancing and then there were times tears of frustration flowed, and I had to speak joy into my soul. Pulling away from everything and looking into the mirror repeating to myself " that which you do repeatedly gets easier not that the task itself has gotten easier Shells, but your ability to execute has increased, so take a deep breath and take another step! " 

Shereese and I learned so many lessons that have equipped us to be even more productive and creative with greater ease!  We grew yet again as individuals. 

Personally, I had to face some of my fears, especially the fear of the unknown, which helped my self -belief to soar to another level. My habit of speaking daily positive affirmations proved highly beneficial. My two favorites became a mantra during this process


Keep in mind frustrations and disappointments will come along as you pursue singing goals. What matters most is how you deal with them! 


Sometimes we have so much creativity inside bubbling to come out, but fear holds us back. Don’t allow fear to hinder you from pursuing your dreams.  

"Write your dreams down, research it and then go for it. "
I’m delighted that I didn’t put aside the idea of creating a magazine to showcase the successes of my community.  I am absolutely ecstatic that I did it! 
I love my awesome community, so nurturing, motivating, empowering and supporting you gems brings me great joy and satisfaction!

WhatsApp Image 2017-11-22 at 9.20.04 AM.jpeg

The Savvy Singers Magazine has come to fruition!! YAY!!!

It shares the heart of PRVM and the richness of the community. It gives an inside view of the Academy and some of its accomplishments.

Many times we wait for someone to give us the stage, this can be useful but we have the ability to also create/build a stage of our own! 


We are blessed with many many creative ideas; the question is, are we brave enough to explore executing them?!

Don't allow fear of failure to stop you. Failure is an excellent teacher, take the lessons and move forward wiser! 

Highlights of The Savvy Singers Magazine Launch | In collaboration with GT Network

I am super grateful for every sponsor,  everyone that joined in and teamed up with us to make the Official Magazine Launch a success. It really was an evening of elegance & entertainment. 


I know many of you grabbed your personal copy of the magazine before it was even printed while others secured a copy at the lunch!  I am looking forward to hearing your feedback on the magazine and its content so leave a comment below.

Take a picture of you with your magazine and post it on the Facebook page let's spread the word!   

if you haven't gotten your copy of the Savvy Singers Magazine yet Click Here to get a Digital Copy for only $3.00!!
Special Thanks to: 
The PRVM Community
Marlon Bailey, Andrea Pierre, Debz Cakes & Bakes, Camille Holder, Venice Dookoo, Keisha Romero, Teron Lougheed, and to all of our sponsors: