Singers need a quiet space to focus during rehearsal

Having a safe designated space to rehearse can be useful to a singer when learning new music or lyrics.

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Identify a spot in your home that can be used for rehearsal.

Choose a space that is respected by family members. Also, set a scheduled time which would have been previously discussed and agreed to with other occupants of the space.

It would be useful for your progress to plan your rehearsal time and stick to it.


Create a space specifically for rehearsal that is:

1.  Conducive to learning

2. Has minimal distractions

3. Comfortable, clean & clear of clutter

4. Safe for you to freely sing out loudly if need be

5. Not hindering  or blocking other occupant/s  

Remember, you need to remind your family or roommate of the agreed time that you're going to rehearse and stick to that rehearsal time. Start on time and end on time.

Have your support tools ready:

1. Savvy Singers Rehearsal Guide

2. Savvy singer's Rehearsal Journal

3. Lyrical Script

4. A good pen

5. Highlighters- I recommend three colors

6. Recording device. If you don't have a recorder, your smartphone is a great option.

If all else fails, have a trusted family member or friend you're comfortable with, to give you constructive feedback

Rehearsal spaces are quite beneficial. If you don't have space where you can comfortably rehearse at home, look for band rooms, rehearsal halls or churches that may be available to you. 

Where is your designated rehearsal space? Let us know in the comments below!

~Coach Shelly.