Hey, Savvy Singers!!  




Many of my new students ask what my top two tips for singers are.  

I've been a vocal coach for almost 2 decades, yes it's that long and in my experience, my top two bits of advice may sound simple, but I've found them to be quite useful.  

First, free up the vocal muscles, so they work the way it was created to and don't try to control and create tension because of fear which restricts the vocal organ from functioning optimally eventually hindering the vocal process.    







Secondly, similarly to freeing muscles from the tension, Free your mind from mental blocks that hold you back from believing in yourself and your abilities!  

The famous saying, "If you think you can, you will, and if you think you can't, you won't"  rings true during your vocal enhancement journey very strongly.


A stress-free vocal region and a positive mindset

is a great starting point for Singers.  

Many of my students achieve amazing results overall when these two tips are present!  

Be SingSational!  

~Coach Shelly