Did you know a lack of sleep affects your vocal beauty and creativity at rehearsals?

Have you been to a rehearsal and your voice refuses to respond with the usual beauty and presence? After a short time of singing vocal fatigue creeps in, your voice sounds hoarse, and you find yourself straining to hit higher notes and you seem to be struggling to produce those jaw dropping notes you’re accustomed to doing with ease.

Whenever, I observe a singer who’s usually energetic, behaving lackluster, my first question is, “Are you getting enough rest?”

You see, singers sometimes don’t fully grasp how negatively exhaustion affects their vocal output! 

I often remind students to be mindful that their voice is a part of the body and whatever state your body is in will affect the vocal organ, the quality of your tone and the ease in which you can sing! 

You should not take your voice for granted. While your voice is built to last you a lifetime and is quite resilient, remember, your voice is your instrument, and with any instrument, it requires consistent care to function optimally and maintain its longevity. 

“Protect your voice from injury to ensure you maintain vocal ease and beauty! “ Sleep deprivation is a common culprit that hinders/cripples singers from executing those delightful, captivating performances with energy and enthusiasm.

Singing requires muscular activity, so like any athlete, you must have regular practical training, to build muscle strength and technical skill BUT.... you should refrain from taking risks that may lead to injury by pushing yourself when you’re exhausted.

I am aware life gets hectic, but even so, I highly recommend on those days when you have not had enough rest, you should try to reduce how much you sing and speak.

Be sure to let your singing coach know when you’re exhausted before you begin training so that your rehearsal plan can be adjusted.

Here is a list of ways sleep deprivation directly affect singers vocal quality:

1.   The voice tires quickly

2.   You increase the risk of vocal strain

3.   You’re more susceptible to injury

4.   Your vocal folds can become puffy/swollen

Now, the effects of sleep deprivation are not limited to vocal disruptions.  Sleep is crucial for staying healthy, energized and creative.  Your immune system becomes compromised making you more susceptible to illness.  So, if find yourself ill regularly, go to the doctor BUT…. Begin paying attention to your sleep pattern!

You see, while you sleep, your immune system creates protective substances like cytokines to fight infections.  A lack of sleep reduces the body’s ability to defend its self against and fight illnesses even making your recovery time longer!


A lack of sleep leaves your brain tired, affecting your mood, alertness and reduces your creativity. 

Have you ever been at rehearsal and felt irritated but nobody did anything in particular to annoy you?

Well, singers like anyone else can become irritable as a result of a lack of sleep. 


Studies have shown that even partial sleep deprivation has a huge impact on a person’s mood. Retaining harmonies becomes difficult, remembering lyrics hard, and your concentration difficult.

•    More stressed

•    Mentally exhausted

•    Increased anxiety

•    Easily angered

This poses a problem for a singer who has to work with a band or group. An irritable, exhausted singer will not be the most efficient, friendly or easy to work with.

One of my major concerns with singers missing sleep is the risk of Micro Sleep episodes! I’ve seen singers suddenly fall asleep during rehearsals. You don’t have control over micro sleep you suddenly fall asleep for a few seconds even minutes without even realizing it!

 This becomes dangerous if you have to drive home after your rehearsal or band practice.  It's also highly counterproductive and can irritate other singers/band members because your inability to function hinders the group's ability to perform at their best during a rehearsal and you rob the team and yourself the value of your creative ideas! 

So to stay in good spirits, good health and to keep your voice sounding its best it is crucial to get sufficient sleep!

I hope this blog has been a useful reminder.

My question to you is, have you been resting adequately?

I love hearing from you all so leave a comment below letting me know how this has served you and what other topics you would like me to address.

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