Shelly Aqui- Vocal Coach & Life Success Coach to Singers.

Shelly Aqui- Vocal Coach & Life Success Coach to Singers.

Hi, Gems!

 It's Shelly your Vocal Coach and Life Success coach to singers at PRVM Performing Arts Academy!  

Today it's all about you wonderful women! 

Acknowledging the value, bravery, tenacity,  ambition and focus that women bring to this world! 

Now on March 8th, 1914 International Women's Day was held, simply because it was a Sunday, but the observation started before on various days! 

Today we celebrate the strides and inroads we as women have made in society.  I'm absolutely grateful to the women gone before, who have fought for our space to speak, share our value and become all we can be. 

You see, a woman's natural ability to affect change in her circle of influence doesn't go unnoticed!

We are one of God's splendid creations, while not perfect and all-knowing as the world may think, (LOL) positive, spiritually grounded, ambitious women are quite influential and impacting!  Your determination to achieve dreams, your amazing resilience to bounce back from a multitude of disappointments, heartaches or even hardships... Not to mention the negativity of naysayers and dream snatchers.. yet still demonstrating tenacity as you function, multitasking to manage your many roles and achieve your goals! 

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A woman is difficult to describe and her entire essence hard to verbalize or scribe in any one piece!  Yes, there's this mind-blowing brilliance that emanates from your brain.  Loads of love and compassion that lavishly flow from your heart. Your natural intuition that can guide your path and protects from harm. 
Whether it's appreciated or not, never shrink back or alter your authentic essence! 


I celebrate you today!

I want to leave you with one of my favorites quotes by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow:

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I wish you all things,  good just prosperous and pure! 
Authenticity has no competition... So strive to be the best version of yourself! Happy international women's day!