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Common Terms Vocalist Should Know To Enhance Their Singing Skills.

Have you found yourself trying to communicate what you want a musician to play but can't seem to say the right technical term to explain yourself? Are you that singer that’s lost when the choir director or music Director gives a  technical instruction that went over your head?   

I tell my students
"If you do it right every time you’ll sing it right every time."  

The significance of singing from a place of knowledge increases when you attempt to sing professionally or with groups that have been trained and understands singing terms.       

Knowledge and Vocal Skill Connection  

Your voice responses to instruction whether emotional or technical,  intentional or random. So my question is; what’s the instruction you’re sending to your vocal instrument?  You only have a split second to respond or recover from a slip up. Even a basic knowledge of singing terms can be the beginning of your vocal enhancement!


Understanding vocal terms can:

  • Bring you clarity.

  • Increase the speed of your vocal responses.

  • Improve your communication skill.

  • Increase your singing confidence.

  • Enhance your singing skills.

Well Gem, this can be easily rectified. Understanding the basic language of singing is quite beneficial for singers.

I remember occasions during choir rehearsals being oblivious as to what the Music/Choir  Director was communicating! LOL... I would wait until other choir members sang and I’d follow.

Not knowing the meaning of  singing terms slows a singer down making you reactive versus responsive when given an instruction for a vocal approach, technique, style or attack!

Now, as a Choir director looking on, I see many singers try to hide within the group or make silly excuses that’s really pegged to their inability to  implement or execute the instruction because  of a lack of understanding or clarity.       

Many amateur vocalists sing by guess, playing a game of hit and miss; what I call "Vocal Russian Roulettes" on stage.               
Often time singers step on stage with fear nagging at them, some more than others because of the uncertainty of their ability to skillfully execute a specific note, lick, stylistic run, etc

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