PRVM's Savvy Singers Vocal Enhancement Program   was carefully created to:

  • Empower singers to overcome self-doubt.                   

  • Remove self-sabotaging habits, beliefs myths & misconceptions.

  • Provide easy steps to reduce frustration and speed up vocal growth.

  • Increase clarity about the vocal production process to remove uncertainty. 

  • Remove guessing, skip the wasted time, effort & stress, so you go straight to singing with ease and beauty guiding you to become SingSational.

Be a part of our step by step process in an environment that fosters learning and hear a marked overall vocal improvement.  

 Simple, Systematic and easy methods used to enhance your clarity, knowledge and application  of vocal techniques quickly improving coordination skills!

We also focus on  mastering mic control and dynamics, stage presence, appearance and charisma!

Our main goal is to Develop the person behind the song and equip you to step out on stage confidently & to deliver a unique experience & memorable moment for your audience! 

Register for a class today and begin your fun experience of mastering your singing skills!


Basic Program

 Savvy Singers Clarity Smart       Start Vocal Training.      Level One

Learn the fundamental techniques of singing, set realistic singing goals, remove myths and misconceptions. Identify self sabotaging beliefs and habits. Discover your voice type and vocal range. Design your rehearsal routine, plan your productive rehearsal sessions. 
3 Months $310.90 USD

 Advanced  Program

Vocal Training:Level Three

Take your skill to the next level with increased technique, develop vocal ease, presence, agility and                       flexibility.                        Master articulation, expand your usable range.  Develop Effective Phrasing and Stylistics.
 6 Months $662.37 USD

Private Sessions

Laser Coaching and Customized Strategy sessions designed to enhance your singing skill & support your schedule. 
     Weekly Sessions           *$45 USD  per hour or part thereof 

Crowning Touch

 Developing a professional,          marketable vocalist.         8 months $748 USD 


Intermediate Program

      Comprehensive Vocal                 Training: Level Two          Learn to maintain the tonal quality of the speaking voice while singing. Expand your singing knowledge, Build muscle strength, improve technical skills, fine-tune your voice, boost your confidence and enhance your stage performance
5 Months $487.27 USD

Master Crowning Touch

Train the Tutor program.     Become a trained and certified vocal tutor.   Developing teaching skills,  effective communication to create a learning centered   environment. Learn how to       set up your singing studio           Basic Business setup.              Marketing & branding                       techniques.               Mastermind Sessions. 
Much More....
6 Months  $1200.00 USD  

Artiste Development Program

            Artist Branding               Plan Performance
Effective Stage Presence
Stage Image & Appearance
Mic Techniques & Dynamics
Basic Use of Props
6 Weeks $1200.00TTD

Legal Disclaimer:

Every effort has been made to accurately represent our programs & products and their potential. The testimonials and examples used are those specific student's results, and are not intended to guarantee that everyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire, motivation and implementation. No refunds or returns will be made on digital/downloadable products.