Making music an integral part of childhood is one of the most amazing and beneficial things parents can do for kids! 

                                                                                                The benefits to your child's intellectual, social, emotional, language and motor skills are endless. Engaging kids using music lights their entire brain up (click to find out how). Singing can help strengthen a child's memory, encourages creative and self expression. Plus it’s so much fun! Music provides children (and adults!) with so much joy and inspiration. It can also be an incredible way to help children learn and grow while doing something that makes them happy!


The PRVM Performing Arts Junior Academy does just that! We provide a safe, happy, comfortable learning environment where your little ones can learn, develop their talents and have so much fun doing it! We love love love seeing kids laughing, happy, flourishing, engaged, and interactive so we ensure  hands on tutoring is a key part of our training programs.

We introduce children to the fundamental techniques that are necessary for them to grow vocally;
Preparing their minds, bodies and voices for singing, Good breathing technique, Basic tone placement, And good diction. They learn about the anatomy of their voice organ, how it works and how to take care of it because their voice is their instrument! These teachings work to increase their awareness and understanding of what singing truly entails.

But it’s not just a singing thing! We make sure to include as a part of our training, activities that boost their confidence, appeal to their stage presence as well as their creative, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual selves. Movie days, Bible stories, Arts & Craft, Creative exercises and more keep them active and excited ensuring they flourish in all areas of their lives.    

Savvy Singers Vocal Training Method

We have three levels of vocal training classes specific to your child's age. 

Designed with the learning needs, creativity and care for each child's unique personality to ensure they enjoy the most age appropriate experience!     

We offer; Fun, interactive, experiential vocal classes that your kids are guaranteed to enjoy! Teaching fundamental singing techniques proven to ensure growth. We use exciting, child-friendly methods, developing vocal knowledge & skill, expression, creativity & confidence!

Supporting     Sing-Sational Kids!

Our kids classes are split into three separate levels. 


Level 1: Ages 5-7
3 Months-$156.72 USD

Level 3: Ages 11-13
4 Months-$219.40 USD

Level 2: Ages 8-10
3 Months -$188.10 USD

Legal Disclaimer:

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